The Daydream Club A Christmas Music Box Single Harrods Burberry

[As featured in the film 'Harrods and Burberry Present A Very British Fairy Tale' 2016] 

At the start of 2016 The Daydream Club released an improvised instrumental album called 'Piano Project', the response was staggering, 'Improv #10 - One Last Thought' amassed over 1m streams in just two weeks and caught the attention of Burberry, who had first worked with the duo in 2011 [Neon Love SongEyewear Campaign]. This time, Burberry commissioned The Daydream Club to work on a very special Christmas project that required a bespoke composition with a twist.

The project had three elements; a beautiful film, a Harrods window display and an interactive social media app designed to reward users with a personalised melody and video unique to their initials.


Adam & Paula explain... "It was not the easiest task to wrap our heads around, but we love Christmas time and embraced the challenge with open arms. Our dream would be if the music we created became part of Christmas morning soundtrack traditions".


As the first step towards that dream, The Daydream Club have created a special piano version of their Burberry track. In addition, the band are making the sheet music available, enabling pianists everywhere to bring a little extra festive magic into their homes this Christmas.


Released: 3rd November 2016

Harrods and Burberry Present A Very British Fairy Tale
A Christmas Music Box - Piano Version by The Daydream Club sheet music


Digital PDF Piano sheet music with guitar chords available from our online Poco Poco Records shop along with lots of other treats including CD's and Limited Edition Vinyls. 


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