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Heavy Hearted (For 2 Pianos) is the second single for the duo's latest Piano Project focusing solely on piano duets.


We've all experienced break-ups or a deep sadness that's all consuming. In those moments you want to hear music that expresses the true depth of your sadness while you look distantly out of the window at the rain... Heavy Hearted is that soundtrack. The anti-Valentines anthem maybe or just something to help you work through the emotions in the knowledge that you are not the only person to have felt like this and you won't be the last.

In Heavy Hearted, The Daydream Club have also created something for musicians to enjoy playing together. However, if you've no musical mates you can still enjoy performing the duet by playing alongside the band using accompanying tracks; Heavy Hearted (Piano A) & (Piano B). The sheet music will be available for both piano parts once the single is released.

Heavy Hearted (For 2 Pianos) is part of the forthcoming album Piano Project // Duets.

Written & Performed by The Daydream Club

Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by A. J. Pickering

Released: 7th February 2020


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