Piano Project - Duets - The Daydream Clu

 Piano Project // Duets is the sixth album release by The Daydream Club and it marks the 10 year anniversary since their debut album Overgrown.

Following on from the popularity of their previous piano instrumental releases, they wanted to make something that explores the interplay with 2 pianists. 

"We put a lot of effort into making each part interesting on their own but when they’re combined they create intricate cross patterns, like a conversation between two people."


"This is completely f**king amazing" Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music  

Featuring the singles Wolf Winter and Heavy Hearted, plus new previously un-released tracks, some of which include: the haunting lead track In the Absence of Closure; the spacious, dreamy compositions of Distant and Dormir; the hypnotic revolving arpeggios of Resolve; the train like repetitive rhythms of Journey to Reibeck (a fictitious destination created by the duo as an amalgamation of the names Dave Brubeck and Steve Reich, sources of inspiration for the piece); and Synestia, with swirling patterns and energetic melodies inspired by an event that occurs in space where a spinning mass is formed by colliding with an object of high energy.

"A sublime soundtrack for introspection" Right Chord Music.

Written & Performed by The Daydream Club

Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by A. J. Pickering

Released: 20th April 2020 


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