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Wolf Winter is a hypnotic and intricate duet for 2 pianos. The intentionally interwoven melodies make it hard to know where one part begins and the other ends.

Back in 2005, in an isolated, internet-less house in the Swedish countryside, Adam was experiencing what locals were calling the Wolf Winter - the worst winter they had seen in decades. "It was incredibly lonely. Paula was miles away in England and we couldn't just video call like you would today. We've never felt more separate from each other. In stark contrast to that, our lives now are so intertwined that it's hard to imagine one without the other. That's what we've aimed to capture in the piano duet. It's the closeness we were both longing for during that cold winter apart."

In Wolf Winter, The Daydream Club have also created something for musicians to enjoy playing together. However, if you've no musical mates or you find yourself in a similar position to Adam (isolated and snowed-in), you can still enjoy performing the duet by playing alongside the band using accompanying tracks; Wolf Winter (Piano A) & (Piano B). You can find the live style video on YouTube as a guide and the sheet music is available for both piano parts.

Wolf Winter (For 2 Pianos) is part of the forthcoming album Piano Project // Duets.

Written & Performed by The Daydream Club

Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by A. J. Pickering

Released: 15th November 2019


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