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Song Stream Personalised Songs

***We're no longer accepting submissions***

Thank you so much for all of your stories.

Song Stream is a new idea we're trying out. You're probably wondering what it is. As self-released, Independent artists we realised that we don't have to follow the rules of the rest of the music industry. Rather than spending a year writing an album and then slowly building up to a release... all the while leaving you without any new music, we want to work differently.


We plan to release a steady flow of songs as we write/record them for what we're calling Song Stream. We'll be working on multiple albums simultaneously across various artists so each single could be completely different to the last.

We don't just want to stop there though... our favourite projects have always been when we have involved you in the creative process, so we want to involve you again... we want to hear your stories.

We would like for you to send us stories about your life, someone you love, something that troubles you, something you're struggling with, an amazing person you miss, a new baby, someone you lost... anything you desire as long as it means something to you.

If we feel inspired by one of your stories we will write a song about it and it will become part of our Song Stream... and it's free... we just hope for a sense of community, let's be a team.

*Note - we can't promise that we'll use your story or when we might use your story.

To get involved here's what you need to do:

  • ​Join our mailing list - (if you're already signed up just reply to one of our mailouts)

  • When you receive your welcome message from us, reply to that message with your story or stories.

  • Like/Follow our Poco Poco Records playlist on Spotify which includes all of our releases as they come out.

  • Follow us on your streaming platform of choice.

  • If you want to feel really involved, follow and interact with us on our socials.


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